Broken Dreams

Steam: Broken Dreams

What a waste of a perfectly good hour of my life. The End.

… Okay not really, but what is this. This isn’t the first game of its kind to come out where you control shadow yous to solve puzzles. It’s not the first game of its kind to come out where you meet up with the female. And even if it were, none of the puzzles were exceptionally difficult. Which makes me believe it meant to lead on story. Unfortunately, the story was lacking also. By the end of it, you felt like your character deserved everything they got. They were straight up depressing, pathetic. Is this what love does to people? I wouldn’t know, I don’t even think this is love.

Okay so why is the story so bad? It’s a sequence of puzzles where you (Jack) meet up with Michelle. You do so at benches. You work together for a bit which I suppose is to signify you being together at one point? But apparently one day you go sit at a yellow bench to leave Michelle behind. And then you spend 20 or so levels killing yourself and you find Michelle again. Then she says “If you can do anything for me, can you live without me?” Now props to Michelle for not telling Jack to kill themselves. I’m still trying to figure out what the deal with the yellow bench is all about though. It has to be significant and it can’t be cheating on Michelle with another because you probably would’ve seen the other woman OR you would not have used Michelle to cheat on Michelle. I dunno. The voice acting is horrible. Holy smokes Batman. The music isn’t horrible but there’s just the one track. I think there is maybe one or two good background images to set the scene but that’s not enough to save the game. No character, no story, passable music, no puzzles, if I were to assign numbers to games, this one would get a low number. And of course, no recommendation.

Let me emphasize how bad this game was. It costs 99 cents. If I had worked the hour that I played this game instead of playing it, I would have about five dollars after taxes. I wish I had worked the hour I had played the game instead of playing it. The opportunity cost is too damn high. Not worth playing.

Artemis Hunt

Broken Dreams

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