Sword of Asumi

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I should really make a habit of putting the Steam image in the review as well. I’ll try to remember it more often.

Alright, so I’ve been badge collecting and with most badges, I seem to get a discount coupon (If you pronounce it Q-pon I may have to stab you) upon completion. I bought this game off of one of those. It came out to like $2 and I figured, why not. So let’s talk about the game.

You play (surprisingly) Asumi. A young female assassin with big dreams of enforcing peace… by force. You start the game with an assassination and after completion you are tasked with another one to stop a terrorist threat. The codename of this individual is Raven. But your boss doesn’t know the identity of Raven, but they do know Raven is at this school. So you are tasked with infiltrating the school, discovering Raven, and killing them.

As you progress through your classes, go to parties, hang out with friends, you pick up intel on the identity of Raven. You can opt to find love along the way, and I like that your character Asumi can be straight or gay. It’s kind of refreshing to be able to court both men and women in these sorts of games. I feel like it allows the creator to be more open about the paths that the story can take, and create better characters. Not to say that the characters in this game are great. They’re cookie-cutter. But I think they can be more endearing since best friend girl can be more than best friend girl and socially awkward guy can be more than socially awkward guy. I dunno, maybe it’s getting to have your cake and eat it too. Oh, and while we’re here, I should mention that there are no explicit pictures. (Sorry-not-Sorry)

The visual novel plays out the way most visual novels do. You’re presented with choices along the way, pick an option, hope you don’t die. So let’s talk about the story. You may have noticed that at the outset, I mentioned that it was about an assassin. Perhaps that was premature. The story is supposed to be about Asumi undergoing espionage activities to discover Raven. What it turns into is a series of classes and dates, and only… I think 3? actual scenes that I would consider espionage related. Oh, sure, the dating and stuff is ‘intelligence gathering’ but I was looking for a more harrowing tale. The characters fit their moulds too nicely, and very rarely stray from them. They’re still likable, but they’re not terribly interesting. I feel like only one character other than Asumi was designed with a story in mind, and their story is rather lame too. But I feel like I might like theirs more… I wonder if the creators have a novel for them. (Doot-dadoo-dadoot) No, they don’t. Probably wasn’t terribly interesting anyway.

The novel is a quick read and easy to retrace. I didn’t bother to get all of the endings because I believe there are only two or three “legitimate” endings, and the others are just romance endings. Legitimate endings with a different love interest. Not terribly interested in all of that. It gets a pass though. I liked it enough to finish it. Probably because it’s so short and because of its theme. So I’m not sure if that’s a point in the game’s favor or not. It’s not terribly fulfilling to me as an individual and I don’t think that’s because I’m bereft of emotions. To the Moon (Yes, I will keep harping on this game like an angel with Parkinson’s) was an emotional tale and it got me to cry. In fact, it might be because this game isn’t terribly fulfilling with emotions. Everything seems to happen so fast. Maybe if the game took its time and focused on two character love interests it might have gotten a better shake at things. Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Thank you for reading.

Artemis Hunt

Sword of Asumi

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