100% Orange Juice


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I have no idea why it’s named that.

I like to think that the title of the game is supposed to be 100% RNG because that’s what it is. Orange Juice (as I will call it for the duration of this review) is a card party game, similar to titles you may be familiar with such as Mario Party. But in reality? I think of it more like (and I hope I’m not dating myself with this reference) Trouble meets Uno. You chase three other players across a board while collecting stars and making people see stars. You have an objective to complete to ‘Level Up’ and once a player hits Level 6, they win.

The game itself is rather simple and easy to learn. I believe it’s implemented too much as an ‘Online only’ game. There is a single-player campaign but several shop items are limited based on player level. Which can only be increased by playing online. And I don’t review online games because I don’t like to review games based on community. Otherwise I’d have to say darling clever games like Undertale are complete trash, despite being okay maybe even good.

The characters are cutesy and nonsensical and that’s pretty much their entire charm. This isn’t a game you play for depth. The campaigns are ‘hijinks’ predicated on silly situations.

Let’s talk about the shop. It’s how you get more characters – you buy them. That’s not something that I like in games. I didn’t pay for this game to have to pay again to have more variety. I will note that I didn’t see anything in the game that seemed to denote you could ‘pay to win’ though I never looked at the DLC so who knows. In either case, I don’t think that there’s much value in this game. It’s not something that I would play but it might be a nice timekiller for you. Thanks for reading.

Artemis Hunt

100% Orange Juice

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