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Skullgirls is a game about girls fighting over the Skull Heart, an entity(?) (it seems sentient) which will grant you a wish in exchange for possessing you. It seems that the purity of the wisher plays a fact into how long it takes for the Skull Heart to fully possess you.

The game reminds me of Darkstalker in art and character design. Every (main) character is female, every character is sexualized out the wazoo, and it’s a 2D fighting game. It doesn’t feel particularly inventive, although there’s only so much you can do with fighting games. Maybe this isn’t a good genre for me to review. The character stories are rather lame. Divekick had better character story than this and it was literally a two button game. You dive, and you kick. (It’s quite brilliant, I highly recommend Divekick) The campaign for each character is fairly short (thank goodness). I had to watch a YouTube video to deal with one boss (on Normal mode no less, Christ) but other than that button mashing will get you through the game. And that’s the problem, isn’t it. Sure, learning the combos will make you competitive against real players but against the AI you can using a rolling pin and win. Of course… this was on Normal mode…

You start the game with six characters, you can unlock three more by completing the campaigns (which is a point against the game if you ask me). The forgivable thing about the unlocking process is that you have more fighters to choose from. If you could only use one fighter at the start or one fighter for some duration of the game, then I’d be a little more sore about it. Of course the campaigns are so short it doesn’t really matter. I had every character unlocked within an hour. That excludes the DLC characters, to which I say SHAME ON YOU. I already bought the game and now you want more of my money? No way Jose.

There’s really not much to review here. So the question is, do you miss 2D fighters with needlessly complicated command chains to execute special moves? Do you miss cutesy chicks? Do you like watching beach balls bounce about? If you answered yes to all of these questions, Skullgirls is for you.


What do you think?

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