Sunrider: Liberation Day – Captain’s Edition


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It’s back and better than ever!

So this is the sequel to Sunrider: Mask or Arcadius. Remember how I got the prequel? I had bought the sequel without knowing that it was a sequel? Didn’t seem right to play it and review it when I’m thrust into the water.Speaking of being thrust into the water – play the prequel first (it’s free). With that out of the way, let’s get into it.

Kayto Shields survived the battle via betrayals within the opposing PACT forces. However, bigger fish have joined the fray. It’s revealed that Chiaga Ashada (your forced love interest) is a prototype, essentially a clone in an army of clones whose sole job was to make you her husbando and use you to control the galaxy. Why it had to be you? I have no idea. Why was this plan so stupid? Still have no idea. Still, whatever, let’s roll with it. The story seems better crafted than the last time. Maybe it’s because last time was sorta “team-building”. Maybe it’s because it’s likely the middle of a trilogy. Whatever the case, characters have been established and now act within character a little better. If anything, Kayto Shields is the one that leaves character the most. It’s very disconcerting but it drives the plot along so okay.

Visual novel aside, Liberation Day fixes/exacerbates some of the problems of the prequel. In the prequel, combat was pretty much bunch your units up and push them along, using the shields by group up to keep damage low. Well now there are units that fire missiles that do splash damage. Gee thanks. You embedded a behavior in me only to make it now detrimental to my success! Argh! But they did give Kryska (<3) a drawfire skill, essentially a “taunt” that causes enemies to prioritize attacking her. Which is great. I believe in the prior game (I still have no idea) enemies prioritized units that killed in the prior turn. Which was really inconvenient when you used your sniper to destroy everything in one shot, but they had no defenses and no evasion. To deal with that I used to put my units with flak ahead of her so no one could missile her down. Now I just stick Kryska in front and have her take all of the hits. Buff her armor, use shields, she takes NO DAMAGE. Absolute cheese. They also took away the CG for each battle, thank goodness. That was the most annoying part of battle. Now things fly across the map in a style like when you turn off battle animations for Fire Emblem games. It’s great. Also: no crashes! How about that!

Captain’s Edition comes with the DLC [RE]turn stories. I won’t spoil these stories, but I do think that they are more amusing than the main story if you play them out. Of course, there’s a lot of overlap, which may lead to lots of skipping (also, you want to get all of the endings). I also think that they add some more depth to the main story, which is a plus.

Overall the game was a good experience, but get it on sale if you can. I seriously do not think it’s a $25 experience (the price at the time of writing). I think I got it for $10 and even that might be too much. Buyers be warned, there are I think 5 nudity pictures. Oh who am I kidding, that probably made you slap down the $25 right away. Still, I probably will wind up getting the trilogy because I am somewhat hooked on the game and want to see how the story ends. So good on you Love in Space. Good on you. Thanks for reading.

Artemis Hunt

Sunrider: Liberation Day – Captain’s Edition

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