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Think I might take a leaf from Jim Sterling’s book and call this “Babby’s First Game”. What do we see here? Another JRPG made with RPG Maker. Artwork looks incredibly same-y to all other RPG Maker games. The story (the core component of any JRPG) is terrible and doesn’t really make sense. The characters don’t make sense. Very little is explained which would work as a storytelling device if like in Dark Souls there were hints hidden around the world. But there ain’t any such hints!

This game is incredibly easy. It has a collision based combat system which actually got me into trouble quite a few times. Not too sure on the mechanics of it. It’s not terribly difficult to just grind until you can do everything. Hell, there are special maps designed for them (Called “Arcane Realms”) which reeks of terrible development. If you design a map with the express purpose of grinding, you completely messed up in your development cycle. Honestly, I don’t think there is ever an excuse for grinding to be a necessary component in your game. Grinding serves only to pad out the run-length. And as I went through the later levels I could smell the reeking scent of “padding out the run-time”. Pro-tip: If you’re going to pad something in your game, pad the bras not the run-length.

The mechanics can be annoying to get used to. Not sure why every attack on a boss has to knock you back. This becomes especially annoying later in the game when spells are directed at where you were and not where you are. So you get targeted, run forward, attack, get knocked into where you were, take the free damage. Many of the game’s puzzles (especially in fights) can become annoying because your combat skills are on QWER but sometimes there are elements in the scene you have to interact with using Z. This is annoying because when I was in “Combat mode” I had my left hand at the top of the keyboard, but upon realizing that I needed to use Z, I had to shift my hand awkwardly. Control design IS part of game design and is a criteria that should be considered.

I honestly don’t know why this game has so many positive reviews on Steam. The soundtrack is… okay I guess. Nothing memorable. The story looks like it was written by some Tumblr user that wanted a lesbian-not-lesbian romance story between two sisters. I understand that the game is short, but shoot, so is Momodora and I felt a much stronger connection to that game. Took about the same amount of time to beat too.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Thanks for reading.

Eternal Senia

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