Deep Dungeons of Doom


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Steam Christmas sales are the  best for picking up cheap games even cheaper. I can usually pick up a few games for less than a dollar. These games are usually “Review Bait” in that I expect the game to take less than a week to complete. I complain if a game takes too long (looking at you, JRPGs).

\ [T] / Praise the sun

Deep Dungeons of Doom probably gives you about as much as you’d expect from a game titled Deep Dungeons of Doom. It has zero in the way of characters or character development. But we didn’t come here for the character development which is why I find it weird that there’s a point in the game where they try to turn on the feels. This game cannot have feels, it’s just not that kind of game.

DDD ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) is a fast-paced dungeon diver game. You go into dungeons to get gold to upgrade your characters to make yourself stronger so you can go into dungeons to get gold to… huh. You only have 3 characters to focus on but I managed to beat the game using only one. The Crusader (420 Praise It). What little “Plot” there is serves only to guide you to the Deepest Dungeon which likely contains your doom. The Deepest Dungeon of Doom, some may call it, in which you have a showdown with Satan (not even kidding). You beat Satan, everyone parties, and we call it a day.

The controls are simple (once you get used to them). Up, Down, Left, Right, Space, and C. Simple enough. Combat relies on being able to read your opponents. You attack using the Right key and it has a cooldown based on your agility. If you mess up and try to attack when it’s on cooldown you can mess up a perfect rhythm resulting in your death and losing all of that swag you got while going into the dungeon. You should block every attack that comes your way. If you can do that, easy game. Trying to read your opponent’s attacks becomes a satisfying gamble at later levels. Will their attack come up before mine is finished executing, thus preventing me from being able to block it? Mind games. The game is as long as it needs to be.

If I were to complain about something in the game, it would probably be that it’s too easy. The number of frames your block works for is incredibly high. There were quite a few times where I should have been late to block but I wasn’t. The game tends to get tedious towards the end when you know every enemy’s usual attack pattern and playing it safe with the blocks works every time. Also, some items are broken. I picked up the totally-not-the-green-lantern-ring late in the game which reduced magic damage by 70%. Tack that onto my base defenses reducing magic damage by 10-15% and I was taking 1 magic damage from all magic enemies. Except this dungeon had nothing except for magic enemies. So easiest dungeon of my life to be honest.

Overall, the game is a fairly decent time-sink and since it was only $1 who am I to complain. I got 6 hours out of it without unlocking all of the content. I imagine another 6 will probably have me 100% it Anyway, thanks for reading.

Artemis Hunt

Deep Dungeons of Doom

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