Epistory – Typing Chronicles


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You gotta listen to this music while you read this. Yes that’s from a real Pokemon game. A typing game for the 3DS for some reason.

To be honest, I have no idea what I just played, but I remember enjoying it quite a bit. Epistory TC is a typing game as you may have guessed from the title. You play a fox and girl combination. The fox walks, the girl casts spells, by typing (as you may have guessed). Areas are blocked off until you collect the appropriate magic to clear them. The game concludes after collecting all of the magic and going to the Lost Desert (and winning the boss battle there). Since you need all four magics to get there, I assume that’s always the ending location. On top of that, the credits rolled after it, so… yeah.

The narrator’s voice is really well done. Shoutout to you, Rachael. I don’t remember your last name, but know that I read the credits just to know your name to give you props. It’s really compelling. The art is stylistically consistent, and good. Everything looks like it’s some origami nightmare. I’m not sure about what the story is about though. Or even if there is a consistent story. If anything, it might just be some kind of exploration narrative. You don’t need a linking story because the player is the linker. I would be a little more satisfied if things made more sense. Like the ending looks like it was designed to be touching, but the effect is lost on me because I didn’t know the prevailing story. The soundtrack to this game is quite nice, but not worth purchasing with the game if you ask me.

Looking at that title image, I think there may be a visual glitch with the fox’s tails. The fox in the game has three tails, that image looks like it has one.

I won’t complain about anything in the game, because it was a delight. However, I will say that the game is too easy. You’re not penalized for misspelling a word in any way except that it’ll take you more time to get to the next word. Some of the words they send your way I’m not even sure are words. Like there’s this one that HAS to come from chemistry or something because it ends in vitriolic but the rest of the letters are like… what? No way. It has like 50 letters and is a pain to attempt to type. I usually cheat my way around it on boss fights.

Anyway, as you can probably guess, I do recommend this game. Thanks for reading.

Artemis Hunt

Epistory – Typing Chronicles

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