Updates on Me: 6/13/2016

No, there is no 13th month. I’m an American. Seriously guys, when the only arguments I find for putting the day first or last come down to “biggest to smallest” or “smallest to biggest”, I stick to what’s comfortable. Speaking of sticking to what’s comfortable, I reconnected with an old friend this past week. We had met over the internet some 7 or 8 years ago but had drifted apart as we split off to our separate lives. What brought us together to begin with was a mutual interest in the Naruto anime and the lure of programming our own games. They’re a friend a mine on Steam, so we’ve exchanged a few words along the years. But as I have more free time thanks to being a temporary day laborer, I find myself wanting to program again. I find myself wanting to develop games again. So I messaged my friend, remembering that they too enjoy game development, and now we have a tentative agreement to make something together. Right now we plan to use Unity and I won’t say much else about it until I have some physical results to show you.

The Orlando gun shooting happened yesterday. And with meĀ being the usual Facebook complainer that I am, I have to complain about the follow-up images my friends have posted. My friends post some images, and this is one.


So right away, without even bothering to read the statements these groups are being made out to say, we see ‘white cishet conservative christians’. Why. Why are you intentionally attempting to make conservative christians out to be the bad guys. Why are you trying to slander their name before anything is even said? Anyway, the question is whether or not the shooting was religiously motivated. Well, the shooter called 911 to pledge allegiance to ISIS on the day of the shooting. Is ISIS a homophobic organization. Certainly. But on what grounds? Religion. Remove the religion from ISIS and you get… well you don’t have ISIS anymore. ISIS is theĀ ISLAMIC state. They propose a merging of religion and government and they recently put out a call to action during Ramadan. It seems a little too coincidental to dismiss it as pure homophobia.

While we’re on the topic, let’s push the intent a little further. The image above attempts to paint the conservative christian right as attempting to politicize this shooting to push their own agenda of ‘a white America’ or something. The idea being that the American Left? They’re not like the American Right. They mourn for the loss and would in no way attempt to politicize this shooting… except they have. This shooting is now being used as yet another excuse for the Left to push their anti-gun agenda. And let me be clear, I don’t see a problem with that. I don’t mind people using local events to push their agenda. What I do have a problem with is claiming to be better than your opponents while employing the very tactic you attempt to demean them with. Shame on you. Shame on your family. Shame on your cow.

Okay, what else. I’ve been watching a lot of “How I Met Your Mother”. I saw it once while on vacation and it seemed legit enough to continue watching. I find it odd though, on Netflix the picture on the title card is Barney, while the narrator is Ted. Seems a bit… wrong. But Neil Patrick Harris is hot so I don’t mind. What I do notice though, is at first all of the characters seemed fairly believable and real. As the show progresses, the characters change to fit some mould. Robin starts off as hot new girl with her life well put-together. She slowly devolves into some woman-child. Lily and Marshall take on an interesting dynamic as time continues. They started as college sweethearts and they kinda end that way too, but something just feels off. The only characters that I feel stay relatively constant throughout the show are (definitely) Barney and (loosely) Ted. Maybe the sitcom evolves with time? It’s still amusing in that ‘I need some white noise while I program’ way, but it’s not really a five star experience (whatever that means).

I also downed half a bottle of vodka for the first time ever. That was… weird. No comments there.

Ooh and I picked up a total of 10 likes on my blog posts and got another follower! That made my day! A 100% increase in followers, at this rate I’ll have over a million followers in a year! All joking aside, I do appreciate the likes. Thank you.

What was the point of this blog post? I just want to make sure that I don’t let this blog fall by the wayside. It’s better to write effectively nothing and be writing, be active, than it is to only update when something of note happens. Usually I can find at least one thing a week to complain about or I can complete a game to review, but this time… not really. (Soon though, I should have another game review soon) I got the idea from National Novel Writing Month literature. I read it like four years ago though, so pardon me if I don’t provide the quote directly. The idea is that just getting writing done is useful, even if it’s “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? I dunno. Anyway, that’ll do it this time.

Artemis Hunt


Updates on Me: 6/13/2016